9 best Leadpages alternatives to look for in 2018

LeadPages is widely considered to be the best platform when it comes to anything related to landing pages, sales pages or membership websites. LeadPages is equipped with everything a person could possibly require to create landing pages and market them across the globe. However, no matter what their reasons may be, many people wonder if there are any alternatives to the LeadPages landing page and membership website platform that they could consider using. Well, the following are the absolute best LeadPages alternatives that currently exist:


OptimizePress is the absolute strongest contender for the position that LeadPages currently holds in the landing page creation and marketing industry. OptimizePress is a platform that provides its users with all the tools and they could possibly need in order to create landing pages and sales pages of all sorts. In addition to the ability to create landing pages and sales pages, users of the platform are also provided with a large arsenal of features and options that they can use to market the landing pages and sales pages they create.


Instapage is software that allows and enables users to build the landing pages that they desire and then market them as they see fit. Backing up the platform’s claims of being one of the best landing page marketing platforms in existence is award winning design and the largest conversion marketer community on the planet.

Instapage continuously strives to build and introduce landing page marketing tools that make the process of landing page marketing extremely easy and profitable for marketers, and that is definitely something that landing page marketers would take a liking to.


Next on this list of the best alternatives to LeadPages is Unbounce. Unbounce is a platform that can be used for everything landing page related. Unbounce can be used to not only build and publish but also market and test landing pages with the utmost level of ease. The silver lining that Unbounce provides to its users is the fact that they can build, publish and test landing pages via the Unbounce platform without requiring any IT or software whatsoever. This silver lining definitely puts Unbounce at an advantage when pitted against its competitors. Unbounce provides a wide variety of different tools that can prove to be useful to marketers, especially the A/B testing and lead gen that the platform offers.


ClickFunnels is arguably the strongest contender to the LeadPages platform, regarded by many as a platform that actually beats LeadPages in most areas. ClickFunnels is a platform dedicated to create marketing funnels and landing pages that actually convert. In addition, ClickFunnels is the best at what it does, is extremely easy to use and provides users with all the tools and features that they could possibly require. ClickFunnels definitely deserves to be every person’s go-to alternative to LeadPages.


GetResponse is a complete email marketing platform that can be used to promote and market any and all membership websites. GetResponse is equipped with everything from email newsletters and online campaigns to online surveys and follow-up autoresponders. GetResponse is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to draw more traffic to their membership website. In addition, GetResponse makes it a piece of cake for any person, no matter what inexperienced they are, to operate the email marketing platform and get whatever use they desire out of it.


As compared to all the other LeadPages alternatives on this list, Megaphone is more focused on helping users get the word out about their landing page that it is on actually helping them create landing pages. However, this fact certainly does not undermine Megaphone’s capabilities as a landing page generator. In fact, Megaphone and all the services that the platform offers to users can be used to create some of the best and most responsive landing pages possible. Megaphone is equipped with everything a platform could possibly need to not only allow users to create landing pages but also enable them to market their pages and draw traffic to them.


Thrive landing pages is a platform that can be used to create landing pages, much like LeadPages. The one thing that Thrive prides itself with is the fact that it does more than just provide its users with set templates for landing pages. The platform aids its users with the entire process and goes all the way with them. The platform’s job is only completed once a person has the landing page that they desired since the very beginning of the process. In addition, the landing pages that a person can create using Thrive are as responsive and functional as they can possibly be, so Thrive users definitely don’t need to worry about functionality.


Rainmaker is another one of the best alternatives to LeadPages. Rainmaker is an extremely easy to use platform that can be used to create membership sites in a surprisingly small amount of time. In addition to the many different kinds of services that the platform offers, Rainmaker also provides its users with a free 14 day trial that comes with no risks whatsoever and the opportunity for potential users to experience the platform as a whole. The platform only requires users to make a purchase once they have gotten a chance to know Rainmaker through the 14 day trial and when they are completely satisfied.


Kajabi is an extremely simple point-and-click content management system (CMS), the objective of which is to allow users to not only build but also market membership sites with extreme ease. The primary objective of the range of services that Kajabi provides to its customers is to allow its customers to make money by sharing the knowledge that they have with people who are willing to pay for it. Operating Kajabi does not require a person to have any special qualifications or technical skills whatsoever. In addition, Kajabi also does not require its users to download or install any software, and neither does the application require hosting.

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