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According to statistics, there are over a billion websites on the internet today. Regardless of the content on each site, the primary goal is to have a high ranking on Google. Naturally, every website aims to be on the first page of search results. This is because the higher you rank on Google, the more visitors you would have on your site. 

With Google ranking tools, you can check your website’s positioning when a user makes a request. Here are some of the best Google ranking tools that allow you to monitor your rank positions on Google. 


SEMRush is just the perfect tool for checking Google ranks because the list of applications embedded in this solution offers you extensive possibilities for analysis. SEMRush is a solution for those who want finesse in data and a unique solution to manage almost all their visibility in search engines and social networks.

In addition to giving you the google position of your website on all the keywords of your choice, SEMRush allows you to compare yourself to your competitors. It also allows you to search for your top keywords, your estimated traffic, and even the value of a visitor (recovered from the cost of a click on Google Ads). It also allows you to assess the value of your SEO traffic in Euros! That is, SEMRush provides a cost estimate of your traffic if you were to buy it from Google Ads. 

This tool is perfect for the SEO agency, and digital marketing professionals because you can use this tool to monitor the positioning of other sites, check out their content, and build better content marketing strategies. You can also transfer all of the information into a separate document for your colleagues.

This tool is not free, but it is worth it because of the extensive features and capabilities. Price ranges from $99.95 to $399.95.


Even if Ahrefs is known to be a backlinks analysis tool, which was its unique function when it was created, it is no longer limited to this functionality and is much more complete. This software is now used for SEO audits, marketing analyses, content creation, and prospecting links. Ahrefs’ data can also be used to analyze other sites, like those of your direct competitors, and to understand what makes them successful on the web. Like most tools, Ahrefs offers certain essential functionalities such as the export of data in CSV format and the creation of analysis reports.

This tool is not free, too, but just like SEMRush, the price is worth the quality the tool provides. The price ranges between $99 to $999 per month.


The new Ubersuggest 6.0 Google ranking tool is very efficient because it allows you to know the ranking of your site on important requests. All you have to do is register, and you’ll be given a dashboard. From there, you can monitor as many sites as you want. Ubersuggest allows you to assess the quality of your keywords and also SEO errors. As for tracking your ranks, you can monitor your rankings in any city, region, or country. You also get to check the ranking for as many keywords as you like. There is also a date picker on the tool. With this feature, you can monitor your improvement in rankings over time if you’ve been using the tool for a while.

And the good news is there is a free version that does the job! This keyword search functionality and the frequency of updating make it one of the best tools for tracking your ranking on Google.


It’s so simple that we would almost tend to forget it. The Google Search Console is an excellent tracking tool that gives users access to an impressive amount of information. The Google team itself manages this tool, so you’re sure to get all the accurate data. 

If you want excellent visibility on the Google search engine, then you have to create an account on this software. When you connect, you have access to a large amount of information such as the list of keywords on which you are positioned, the pages of your site which are positioned, the number of clicks and impressions, and your average position. There is even another feature that lets you compare how a page’s performance is progressing (or dwindling).

As if that’s not enough, they also provide great tips that could help you improve your rankings.

If you’re looking for a FREE Google tracking solution, this is the perfect ranking tool! 


This is yet another powerful tool for monitoring Google ranking. With Accuranker, you can do a few checks every day, on the keyword of your choice and on the version/language of Google you want. The tool automatically generates reliable and perfectly disconnected SERPs from your browsing habits or your browser configuration.

The AccuRanker tool is all the more impressive as it offers all the languages ​​and countries you want. It has in its database over 270 languages, which is literally every language that Google offers. That is a big plus. With this tool, you can check for keyword rankings in every city, country, or region.

It also displays search results in desktop (computer) or mobile version, although not in detail, because the results are often very different depending on the device. 

When you use this tool, you also get an automatic update on the rankings of your keywords every day. Asides that, it also offers you access to your competitor’s rankings so that you can conduct a comparative analysis. 

The best part is that even with all these fantastic features, AccuRanker is 100% free!

Monitoring your keyword rankings daily is a massive necessity if your website is ever going to be visible on 

Google. Right here, you have some of the best Google ranking tools on the internet today. Some of these tools are free and encourage you to keep an Excel file up to date. There are also more advanced and paid tools that we have presented to you, which allow you to manage more simply the tracking of your positions on google. Whichever you may choose, be rest assured that you’re in the best hands.

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