A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Blog in WordPress

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of starting your own blog despite having no technical experience? Would you like me to hold your hand and take you through this process so you can know how fun and simple this can be? If you’d like to know, I’m about to show you how to start a blog in WordPress step by step within 15 minutes.

I’ve tried to make this as simple as it can be so it has been divided into three simple steps, so you can get through easily. But before we go into this WordPress blog step by step tutorial, I’ll explain three important things you should understand. Understanding this will help with not only creating your first blog successfully but also to ensure you’ve made a decision that will help you over your blogging career.  These three things are:

  • Choosing Your Blogging Platform
  • Choosing Your Domain Name
  • Choosing Your Hosting Platform

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

You need a platform on which to blog and there are a lot of options you can choose from. These include popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogspot, and Squarespace among others. Your blogging platform would be like the kitchen in which you will be cooking all those delicacies and you’ll definitely want your kitchen to be furnished with everything you’ll need for delicious and nutritious meals.

This reason is why I’ll recommend you stick with WordPress. Not just because it is popular, but also because it offers the best in terms of flexibility and functionality. If you’ll be starting your blog as a beginner, you’ll be better off with WordPress. It’s also got this very large user base making it easier to share tools and ideas and it comes in both free and paid forms.

If you’re looking for how to create a blog for free, then you’ll likely find the free hosted WordPress.com blog useful, but be prepared because it will certainly limit your control, flexibility, and functionality. However, if you’re serious about creating your own blog, you’ll be better off with the self-hosted WordPress package as this will give you unlimited opportunities while not limiting your income potentials.

Choosing Your Domain Name

This is one part I like to stress as it carries a whole lot of significance. Your domain name will be your identity and of course, you know how weighty your name will be to your business or purpose. While I always advise my readers to be creative in choosing a unique domain name, it is equally important that you also choose a name that speaks a lot about what your blog represents or stands for. You’ll have to buy the domain name and for this I recommend GoDaddy.

It should be descriptive and insightful into what your blog does and should probably be related to your blog name to an extent. You can choose domain names with .com extensions as this is the most preferred choice. Others like the .net and .org extensions aren’t that popular but they are still equally fine.

One important thing you should avoid when it comes to choosing names is the use of punctuations. When people want to select a particular domain name that is unavailable, some are often tempted to use punctuation marks but I strongly advise against this.

Your domain name should be smooth, easy to pronounce and not a source of confusion. Rather than use punctuation marks, I advise you use either of these small words such as ‘’a’’, ‘’my’’, ‘’the’’, etc as a prefix before the domain names if it has been selected already.

Choosing Your Hosting Platform

This is another important part of starting your blog, that should also get enough attention as the other two above. There are also different options and over the course of my blogging career, I’ve at one time or the other used both Cloudways, Hostgator and Bluehost on several different blogs. After all these years I’ve found out that Cloudways is the better option of the two and as a matter of fact, it’s what I use on this site and I’ve decided to use in subsequent years. Why? Let’s see!

You’re just kick-starting your blogging career and would no doubt love to have something affordable. You’ve heard that Bluehost is very affordable, coming in at a little less than $5 but the catch here is that you have to pay upfront. How does shelling out $200 for the next three years you aren’t even sure of looks to you?

Cloudways, on the other hand, comes in at a flat rate of $5 per month which you can cancel at any time you want. You don’t have to pay any upfront cost and you’ll definitely be better off with this as a beginner, but that’s not even all.

Cloudways uses hosting providers like the Vultr, Digital Ocean, and Amazon Web Services, to host your blogs. Nevertheless, you’ll still get enough dedicated resources that will be allocated to your account depending on the particular package you have chosen for your site.

Also, there is this one-click installer on Cloudways for WordPress which is better than anything you’ll get on Bluehost and the other hosting platforms. This preconfigured WordPress package has excellent caching and security features that will keep your site’s speed at its maximum.

The basic package is great for beginners and you can easily upgrade along the line as your blog grows. Cloudways servers have integrated backups which automatically backs up your blog daily. Coupled with the super-supportive support staff, it is perhaps the most suitable hosting platform out there. It will serve you excellently as a starter and will also grow with you make more progress in your blogging career.

3 Simple Steps to Start Your WordPress Blog Under 15 Minutes

Now that you have the elementary knowledge of what you’ll need to create your own blog, we’ll be moving right into the details proper. I promised you already and I will keep this as simple so you don’t get confused or lost anywhere in the process. Remember I said this WordPress blog step by step tutorial is divided into three steps, right? Here are the steps:

  • Signing Up for Cloudways
  • Setting Up Your Server
  • Buying the Domain Name

Step 1: Signing Up for Cloudways

Among the different steps on how to start a blog WordPress, this step is probably the easiest and should not take you more than a minute. Click here to head over to Cloudways to sign up.

You can also click on the ‘’Start Free’’ icon in the right corner on the top of your computer screen. The next page will take you to the place where you’ll be required to enter your data.

Then enter your email and password to create and setup your account. After entering these details, an activation message will be sent to your mail which will contain a link which you’ll click to start the second step below.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Server

After clicking the activation link in your email, you’ll be redirected to the server setup page. But before we move to the next step on how to create a blog there are three things you’ll do here;

First, you’ll select the blogging platform which in this case is WordPress. 

Secondly, you’ll select your cloud hosting provider from the examples I gave above and you can select ‘’Digital Ocean’’ for this.

You’ll also have to move the size slider on the server settings to the lowest range. It will warn you that this is for small websites but you can ignore because even at this setting, you’ll still be getting more than what you’ll be offered on Hostgator or Bluehost.

Third, you’ll select the datacenter you’ll like to use. In this case, you should select the location that is closest to where most of your target audience would come from.

After doing these, you can then click the ‘’Launch Server’’ button on the bottom-right corner.

You’ll then be taken to your server overview page where your current server will be listed, showing you that it will be ready in some minutes.

Two things are happening in the background at this moment.

  • One, Cloudways will create your server on the Digital Ocean hosting infrastructure,
  • It will also create and install your new WordPress and also configure some caching layer

The whole of this step would take you a little over five minutes. However, you’ll have to wait for this to finish so you can go ahead to the third and final step.

Step 3: Buying Your Domain Name

The steps we have treated above on how to start a blog WordPress would have set up your server online, meaning your blog is running already. But let’s confirm that so we can be sure. On the server overview page, you’ll see that the installation has finished as it will show. Now, click on the www quick button located on the right side of the screen and next to the server name, and then select your target application from the list.


Click on the installed app which will then show open your application management details

Here, you’ll find two buttons, the ‘’Application URL’’ button and the ‘’Access Details’’ button. If you click on Application URL, it will show your new website in a new tab with filler contents you’ll have to remove and replace later.

The ‘’Access Details’’ section will show you a URL along with a username and password which you’ll use to login into your blog. That’s about it and now you’ll have to get your own domain name to connect to your blog so the whole world will be able to access your website.

You’ll see a ‘’Domain Management’’ menu on the left side of the application management page on which you are. Click this and enter a domain name. Cloudways themselves have a tutorial on this which you’ll see a link pointing towards it.

To find a domain name that is free and still affordable, I’ve said already that I recommend GoDaddy.

You’ll create a GoDaddy account and in your new account, you’ll create a CNAME to point your purchased domain name to the present domain of your site.

You’ll then need to enter the new domain name in Cloudways on the domain page as the primary domain. Depending on your domain providers, you may have to wait a while or just a few seconds till your CNAME becomes active

This step should normally not take more than six seconds and you’re done.

Publishing Your First Post

Your blog is now live and you’ll like to publish your first post, right? Let me show you that too!


Open a new browser tab and enter New_Domain_Name/wp-admin. That is how you’ll always do it for admin access. After you’ve done this and log in with the Cloudways login details, your WordPress admin dashboard will open.


You can change your blog’s theme at the ‘’Appearance’’ section after you’ll then have to click ‘’Themes’’ again. You can either select from the array of pre-installed themes or choose a new one to download.


After you’ve changed your theme, you can then delete the filler content on your blog.


You’ll do this by clicking on the ‘’Posts’’ menu which will show you an overview of all posts at any given time. Hover over that filler post and ‘’Trash’’ it.


On the same ‘’Posts’’ page, you’ll see a ‘’Add New’’ menu which you can click to write new posts. The post editor will open and here you can write your very first post.

Once done with writing, you can then hit the ‘’Publish’’ button which will then publish your post.

Final Words

Blogging is fun and exciting when you are doing things the right way. Remember though that your Cloudways access will be suspended if you don’t subscribe to a plan after the 14-day trial. So, before the time elapses, you’ll need to put in your credit details so your plan does not get suspended.

I believe you must have grasped all of these easily as I’ve put it. If there is anything more you’d like to know on how to create a blog, you can let me know right here in the comments section. I wish you great success and fun with your blogging career. See you at the top pal, the sky is your starting point!

Editorial Staff @iPoweruser.com.

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