Top WordPress Plugins For E-Commerce.

In this article, we will ensure that any WordPress designer or developer understands the top WordPress plugins for e-commerce development in 2020. Ever wondered how to you can create an online shop from the ground up to a successful store such as Alibaba or Amazon? Read through and get all the facts right.

Today, WordPress commands over 30% of the websites hosted on the web. There are dozens of WordPress e-commerce plugins that will help you add products, market, improve customer support, and increase sales.

Best WordPress Plugins for E-Commerce.


Is the most powerful WordPress Plugin to help build your online shop from scratch? Interestingly, WooCommerce comes will great customizability and flexibility and it is completely FREE.

It takes less than 1 hour to have a WooCommerce shop done for experienced designers. Learning WooCommerce could take a few tutorial lessons.

Key Features.

  • Supports multiple themes and have hundreds of extensions to expand functionalities of your store.
  • Affiliate marketing is supported.
  • You can add both digital and physical products.
  • Easy inventory management and allows the administrator to add a store manager if need be.
  • Supports almost all popular payment gateway systems.
  • Shipping costs, taxes, and other expenses are done with a click of a button.
  • Extensive documentation, community, and support team.


BigCommerce provides a WordPress plugin that can be used to design amazing and modern e-commerce stores and help get great.

Firstly, it is a cloud hosted platform. Secondly, it provides easy integration with WordPress. Designed for e-commerce alone it comes with assured security, perfect scalability, and high performance.

Key Features.

  • Allows fast website speed as the shop is cloud hosted.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Comes with predesigned templates which are mobile responsive.

On the other hand, it is important to note that some features will require one to purchase a premium membership.

Easy Digital Downloads.  

Have you been struggling to sell you digital products such as eBooks, music, video’s, and more? Easy Digital Downloads makes a hassle-free process to start selling digital products.

In reality, the other plugins have features that allows you to sell digital products, but this plugin is specific and you won’t have to take time fixing anything on your website.

Key Features.

  • Novice designers will have an easy time using this plugin.
  • Extensions are available to extend functionalities such as payment method.
  • Integrates with all themes.
  • Documentation is free and extensive.

Cart Recovery

It is a powerful WordPress that is used to track your cart. As a matter of fact, it integrates easily with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

To track abandoned carts and view statistics with proper visualization makes it easy for marketers make decisions based on data. The board is available on WordPress dashboard. It allows for GDPR policies integration.

Key Features.

  • Fetches the customers email and name during checkout.
  • Automatically mails any customer who never checked out products but saved the products to cart.
  • Tracks the checkout process and shows in-progress and recovered carts on the WordPress dashboard.

WP Product review.

Reviews plays a crucial role in e-commerce marketing. The way you display your product reviews will determine the customer’s relationship with your website. You can create a modern responsive and fantastic product reviews display section for your store easily by yourself.

Key Features.

  • Have 3 different layouts which you can choose from.
  • Users can share comments and rate products.
  • Generate comparison reports from the reviews to help marketers understand the trend of their products.
  • Uses rich snippet format, hence increased SEO.

Yoast SEO.

SEO, stands for search engine optimization – this refers to the process of ranking your webpages and products on the first of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and more.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the most popular SEO plugin for e-commerce shop available today. Optimizing your website perfectly ensures that you increase your website traffic, hence increased sales.

Key Features.

  • Ensures faster SEO analysis.
  • Shows a snippet preview of how your products appear on search engines.
  • Allows for addition of keyword phrases.
  • Easier internal link building.


Have you been wondering how you could extend your search functionality to include detailed search results for users? Relevanssi – is one of the best e-commerce search results WordPress plugin you must have.

Key Features.

Extend such to post excerpts, comments, categories, pages, products, and more.

Have amazing premium features.

WordPress plugins helps extend the functionality of your website. They help add new features that aren’t included in the design engine. We have created a list of some of the most useful and powerful plugins to use when design an online shop.

However, there are other numerous plugins out there. Here are a few tips to use when selecting a plugin to use on your e-commerce store.

Ratings and Reviews.

Previous plugin users share their experience with the plugin on the review section and rates the plugin experience. Using this information you can easily determine what to expect if you selected the plugin. Always ensure a plugin has positive reviews before deciding to use it. You can use this information to compare and contrast different plugins.

Documentation availability.

For easier installation ensure a plugin that you select have a vivid documentation to guide you when integrating it with your e-commerce store. It needs to have installation screenshots or video’s available. It saves you the hassle of determining the installation process.

Customer Support.

Check that the plugins developers are easy to reach out to in case you need support.

To wrap up. E-commerce store design using WordPress have continuously been made easy to ensure anyone can do it from home without having prior coding experience. In the article, we have indeed, delved into the most powerful plugins for WordPress e-commerce stores. It is mind-boggling to understand why you haven’t started designing your first online shop now.

Using the e-commerce WordPress plugins listed it will take a few tweaks to get your store live. There are other numerous plugins available today. Don’t forget to leave a comment with a suggestion of an important plugin to help future readers.

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